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Read Read #OpenBlog19: The library of the future is… by Maren Deepwell (Maren Deepwell)

The library of the future is a place where you can find what you are looking for. A place in which to discover the unexpected. A refuge in which you can retreat from the world and find peace and quiet and contemplation. The library of the future is somewhere you can loose hours, days or whole years to following the red thread of inspiration.

The library of the future is free and open to all.

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“Interesting – a new platform called LabXChange that aims to let professors, teachers or anyone mix together their own free online course from pieces of other courses. #OER19 https://t.co/OCWVXZu3Lu”

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“@daveymoloney I’m glad there’s some more modern research around this general idea. The reliance of humans on the power of visual memory goes back to ancient Greece with the method of loci and from the Renaissance (or earlier) with the mnemonic major system. [more…]

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Interestingly, this article (https://www.edutopia.org/article/science-drawing-and-memory) highlights recent studies where “researchers found drawing information to be a powerful way to boost memory, increasing recall by nearly double” #​Ope…

Really interesting Chris, I’d heard of the method of loci before but hadn’t heard much about the rest to be honest. Fascinating article on the overlap you spotted between the major system and Gregg shorthand. Plenty follow up links and food for thought. Definitely worth some more exploration, who doesn’t want improved memory! #OpenBlog19

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“@NoelSharkey @RespRobotics @BVLSingler @PKathrani @PabloRedux @David_Gunkel @sd_marlow @DorotheaBaur @bronwynwilliams Like you & many others, I have been banging on about this for some time! It’s the Faustian deal between tech &society via controlling societal norms/desires to commodify/control everday behaviour 🙁

These are slides from lectures I give to 4th year risk & goverance students”