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Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds.

🔖 Kill-the Newsletter – Great piece of software that converts email newsletters into Atom feeds that can be subscribed to using your RSS reader of choice. I like to try to keep my reading predominantly in one place rather than having multiple spaces to remember to access.

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Read Read “On Reading Feeds #Indieweb Style” by Ton Zijlstra (Interdependent Thoughts – Ton Zijlstra)

This is a quick exploration of my current and preferred feed reading patterns. As part of my activities, for Day 2, the hack day, of IndieWebCamp Utrecht.

I currently use a stand alone RSS reader, which only consumes RSS feeds. I also experiment with TinyTinyRSS which is a self-hosted feed-grabber and reader. I am attracted to TinyTiny RSS beacue 1) it has a database I can access, 2) it can create RSS from any selection I make, and it publishes a ‘live’ OPML file of feeds I track, which I use as blogroll in the side bar.

What I miss is being able to follow ‘any’ feed, for instance JSON feeds which would allow tracking anything that has an API. Tracking #topics on Twitter, or people’s tweets. Or adding newsletters, so I can keep them out of my mail client, and add them to my reader. And there are things that I think don’t have feeds, but I might be able to create them. E.g. URLs mentioned in Slack channels, or conversation notes I take (currently in Evernote).

Using IndieWeb building blocks: the attraction of IndieWeb here is that it makes a distinction between collecting / grabbing feeds and reading them. A Microsub server grabs and stores feeds. A Microsub client then is the actual reader.

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by Ton Zijlstra

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Bookmarked Bookmarked “Yarns Microsub Server” for WordPress (Jack Jamieson – jackjamieson2 on GitHub)

Microsub server plugin for WordPress. In beta, so please report bugs if you use Yarns. – jackjamieson2/yarns-microsub-server

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by Jack Jamieson – jackjamieson2 on GitHub

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Read Read “Using Inoreader as an IndieWeb feed reader” by Chris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

It may still be a while before I can make the leap I’d love to make to using Microsub related technology to replace my daily feed reader habits. I know that several people are working diligently on a Microsub server for WordPress and there are already a handful of reader interfaces available. I’m particularly interested in the fact that I can use a reader interface integrated with Micropub so that my reactions in the reader (likes, bookmarks, replies, etc.) are posted back to my own personal website which will then send notifications (via Webmention) to the mentioned websites. Of course it’s going to take some time before I’m using it and even more time after that for the set up to become common and easy to use for others. So until then, I and others will need some tools to use right now. Toward this end I thought I’d double down on my use of Inoreader in my daily web consumption workflows. I wanted to make it easier to use my feed reader to post all these types of posts to my website

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by Chris Aldrich

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Read Read “Feed reader revolution: it’s time to embrace open & disrupt social media” by Chris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

An outline of some of the new open tech that modern feed readers can support to actively begin to win in and disrupt the stagnant social media space.

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by Chris Aldrich

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Read Read “Link Sharing through Tiny Tiny RSS” by Tim Owens (Throw Out The Manual)

When Google Reader kicked the bucket I used Fever for awhile but had concerns when the developer decided to stop focusing on it and looked around for an alternative. There are several hosted services out there like Feedly and NewsBlur that seem nice, but I liked the idea of something under my own domain and settled at the time with Tiny Tiny RSS. It’s rough around the edges for sure, but it has stuck for me for several years now and I still make reading RSS feeds a regular aspect of my work and life.

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by Tim Owens