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“UL Library is going to be a hive of activity with these workshops running for the first few weeks of semester 2 We hope people like what we’re offering and that it chimes with what they asked for in @INDExSurvey @daveymoloney @sharonlflynn #Take1Step”

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I’m back in the habit of reading my feed subscriptions at the beginning of every day. I love blogs: posts are typically more longform and thoughtful, and less led by trending topics on social media sites. It’s usually “here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately,” which is lovely. As Kevin Marks says, I can read your thoughts, if you write them down first.

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“Enhancing digital capacity on a national scale: Very exciting project being led by @sharonlflynn with the support of @MMFitzp at @CTLUL”

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“PSA | Just over 2 weeks to go until our MSc in Artificial Intelligence is closed for applications ⌛️

Candidates can gain a full MSc degree in this specialist area through a mixed learning process with an emphasis on practical application in the workplace #StudyAtUL #PostGradAtUL”

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“I have huge admiration and support for the sabbatical officers of @UL_StudentLife who will mark @UL sanctuary week next week by attempting to live on €38.80 for the week – the same amount afforded to those in direct provision including our sanctuary students #€38.80”

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Reposted Open writing/blogging challenge #OpenBlog19 – Technology Enhanced Learning Blog by David Hopkins (Don’t Waste Your Time – Technology Enhanced Learning Blog)

This morning I had an idea for a ‘pay it forward‘ blogging/writing challenge.

The premise is simple…once nominated you will be presented with a title or theme with which you can write about. You can write this on whatever medium you like or prefer to use (blog, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.), use the #OpenBlog19 hashtag

Great idea by @hopkinsdavid to start up an #OpenBlog19 challenge.

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“In 1990, I coded up the foundational technologies for the World Wide Web.

To celebrate the web’s 30th birthday, will you add to a crowdsourced Twitter timeline of the web’s milestone moments?

#Web30 #ForTheWeb”

Happy 30th birthday internet! Hard to believe I’ve been around longer than the web!

To celebrate, Tim Berners-Lee has invited everyone to contribute to a timeline of the web’s milestone moments.