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Github repository for this theme. This is an IndieWeb friendly forked version of the annual WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme that has improved support for microformats version 2. It is a relatively

Appreciate your help with this Chris. I agree, I see similar things happening on Wolf’s site.

I took your advice and installed the Github Updater plugin and then started from scratch removing your theme from my site initially. I then re-installed the master iwtwentyfifteen theme from Github via the plugin interface and also created a child theme directory in my FTP client, Cyberduck, which I titled ‘iwtwentyfifteen-child’. I then activated the child theme in WordPress – its style.css simply imports your master style.css – and it recognised the footer images you had added in your source img folder, etc. so I’m hoping all is okay with its title including ‘-child‘.

Unfortunately, doing this didn’t resolve the display issues on either the pages or the single posts at the canonical URLs. I made some very minor amendments to the footer.php but didn’t make any direct changes to content, single, or index.php files. I use the Settings > Insert Headers and Footers area on WordPress to add a few rel links and endpoints (authorization, token, microsub server). I removed each of these and re-added them but they didn’t appear to make any difference. I also removed and re-added each of the widgets I was displaying, but no joy with that either.

However – dealing with the page issue firstly – I inspected my website source and noticed that the ‘hentry’ class seems to be absent beneath the article tag on my pages. It appears to be present on your site pages under the article tag. Once I add hentry as a class to the article tag on each of my pages in the inspector, they then appear as yours do, which is brilliant. I’m not confident about where I should get this working in the theme code though, would you know the best place(s) to remedy this within my code so that all pages will use the hentry class?

I thought if I created a new test page that the hentry class might be included in that (trying to rule out the possibility that it was only older legacy pages on my site that wouldn’t include the hentry class, for whatever reason), but unfortunately not.

I haven’t yet figured out much new info. with the quirky display issue of the canonical single posts URLs. When I inspect the source of any canonical single post there does seem to be a lot of extra bloat at the top and left hand side of the page around the sidebar.

Replied to IndieWeb Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

Github repository for this theme. This is an IndieWeb friendly forked version of the annual WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme that has improved support for microformats version 2. It is a relatively

Hi Chris, you may be able to shed some light on this when you can. I’ve installed and am playing around with your iwtwentyfifteen theme on my site. It’s excellent, I really really like it, thank you. I’ve noticed though that my Pages (see About page) and all of my posts when clicked on (see example) display quite differently to the way they do on your site.

There’s a lot of white space visible at the top of Pages and posts and the main menu looks misaligned. I’d also prefer if the content of all of my Pages and single posts appeared identically to the way they do on my homepage – inside a sticky note like box that stands out from the background. The posts look white on a white background at the moment. Is there code I can add/edit in the theme’s source files to make these changes?

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💡 Found that the .htaccess file in public_html folder on the server had been overwritten which caused the problem.

Added this code obtained from the IndieWeb -> IndieAuth plugin on WordPress backend into the .htaccess file to resolve the syndication problem I was experiencing. IndieAuth and micropub back up and running:

SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

I had probably added that code into an overwrittable part of the file previously.

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Just happened upon your note and I’m in the same boat as you Chris. Something seems to be up with syndication. I’ve noticed that anything I try to syndicate to Twitter (like, retweet) from either WordPress or the Indigenous app on my phone in the past 4-5 days hasn’t worked properly. Need to investigate a little further.

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How odd! Although, now you mention it, I don’t see a mention about your reply, either – only for the “like”. I only caught this because it popped up in my reader – it doesn’t show as a reply on the post itself.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Very curious. After a little digging, I managed to find all of your previous likes and replies in my comments spam folder…no idea why they ended up there.

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Hi Davey, the safest way to implement something like this is to create a child theme of Autonomie, and add your changes to the functions.php file of the child theme. This will protect your customisations from updates to the base theme in most cases.
If you want, you can check out my own child theme …

Cheers Chris, will take a look into doing that. Strangely enough, I didn’t receive a webmention on my site about your reply post at all, I just stumbled across this reply randomly! 🤔

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Katherine, I noticed the other day that some of your posts, like this one, is duplicating content, and was sure I’d seen something about it in one of the IW chat logs. This morning I came across a post from Davey Moloney that confirmed my suspicions about a potential bug in the Autonomie theme which I think you’re also using. He said: The Autonomie theme had been displaying duplicate status updates on my site recently. A quick re-install of the most-up-to-date theme package seems to have fixed everything. I know you’ve recently set up your new site, so I thought I’d mention it so you don’t waste time trying to track down the bug, which will hopefully clear up with a refresh of the theme files. I’ll also mention in passing that your menu bar has two “About Me” links (likely introduced because you’re using your about me as your home page–this happened to me a year ago or so), and you’ve left a “Sample Page” published, so that is also hiding in your menu bar as well.

🗨 Ah that makes sense. No problem at all Chris McL and thanks for linking to the fix. Well spotted Chris A, hope this is of some help to Katherine as well. Love using the Autonomie theme so glad that normal service has resumed!

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“@daveymoloney @twitthaus @H_Birnkammerer @FloRa_Education @aisantos @suter_renata @Mackiwg @gconole @BrendaPadilla @sukainaw @anthonyfc @Nkbe1 @RonnyRoewert @anjalorenz @Nuffic @Ignatia @AngLaude1 many thanks, David! sorry we won’t see you there, but see you online anyway :)”

Absolutely Catherine, really looking forward to it. Fantastic #OER19 ‘Moving beyond’ #blogpost by you and @Czernie btw, powerful closing remarks. Thanks always for the immense contribution 🙏

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“@daveymoloney @H_Birnkammerer @FloRa_Education @aisantos @suter_renata @Mackiwg @gconole @BrendaPadilla @sukainaw @anthonyfc @Nkbe1 @RonnyRoewert @anjalorenz @Nuffic @Ignatia @AngLaude1 You’re welcome David – hope to see you at #OEr19 ;-)”

If only virtually I’m afraid Gabi! Thankfully there are great remote participation options

Congrats to you & all the organising committee on building a fantastic #OER19 conference. The very best of luck with it all  🔓

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“May also be of interest to @H_Birnkammerer @FloRa_Education @aisantos @suter_renata @Mackiwg @gconole @BrendaPadilla @sukainaw @anthonyfc @Nkbe1 @RonnyRoewert @anjalorenz @Nuffic @Ignatia @AngLaude1 @daveymoloney”

Great post Gabi, thank you 👏

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“Blogged: Some myths by which we live My contribution to #openblog19 thinking about “institutionally provided technologies” With thanks to @ambrouk”

Really interesting and informative post 👏 learned a lot from this thanks  #OpenBlog19