2019-11-15 13.42.35

Replied to David Moloney on Twitter (Twitter)

“@sharonlflynn @aisantos @DavidHamill @tomomara @MunroMo @VishwajeetGain @hey_km @suzielearning @lowneyrob 😄👍 @MunroMo and I posing virtually! (https://t.co/m5muiFOhJz)”

Just realised on second glance that @VishwajeetGain has just invented a new, slightly obscure, way of taking a selfie… 🤔

2019-11-15 13.37.02

Replied to Dr Sharon Flynn on Twitter (Twitter)

“The #IUADigEd project team at our workshop with @aisantos last week. @DavidHamill @tomomara @daveymoloney @MunroMo @VishwajeetGain @hey_km @suzielearning @lowneyrob”

😄👍 @MunroMo and I posing virtually!

2019-10-09 22.43.17

Liked Dr Sharon Flynn on Twitter (Twitter)

“#IUADigEd team hard at work discussing pilot evaluation and digital badges. @daveymoloney @DavidHamill @lowneyrob @suzielearning @MunroMo @hey_km”