Evidence-based Insights About Impact in Teaching and Learning

This National Forum Insight introduces some key evidence-based considerations regarding impact within the context of teaching and learning in higher education.

Ten key insights are presented from the literature which are important to bear in mind when attempting to realise or evidence impact:

1. Impact can be both intended and unintended.

2. Impact is multi-layered.

3. Impact is not an outcome or result at the end of an intervention, it is linked to ongoing change.

4.  Impact is non-linear and context-dependent.

5.  Impact is time-dependent (but not time-framed).

6. Impact is evidence-informed, captured through a range of evidence.

7. Evidencing impact is dependent on the use of valid forms of measurement/evaluation.

8. Impact is a process which triggers change intended to be sustainable.

9. Impact can be vulnerable to political agendas.

10. Impact can be creative, peer-oriented and powerful.

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“Now this is a very timely publication for the#IUADigEd project – it reflects a lot of the thinking we’ve already been doing on evaluating our work. https://t.co/p6YSZkp0Lb”

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“[Project update] Did you know.. The 2015 Take One Step project encouraged staff and students across @UL, @MICLimerick and @LimerickIT to take 1 step in engaging with digital literacy, and subsequently produced 30 open educational resources #NFimpact #OER

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“I encourage all @ul staff and students to partake in the @INDExSurvey being run nationwide by the @ForumTL to understand more about the digital experiences and expectations of both students & staff who teach at University of Limerick.