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🏕️ A new journey
📬 #blogpost about my new role as UL Project Lead for #IUADigEd project @IUAofficial @sharonlflynn @CTLUL


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Read Read Is sharing caring? – #OpenBlog19 by Neil Withnell (Neil Withnell)

Being a strong advocate of open education, and the desire for education to be freely available to everyone, the answer is relatively easy.

Following a career as a qualified nurse (a caring profession, so yes I care) I entered the world of Higher Education (some 16 years ago) and recall my first few days. I was nervous, as I was new to teaching, but was constantly reassured by more experienced colleagues who shared their work to support me. Yes, I was an experienced nurse but a little out of my comfort zone with some of the topics within the curriculum, this sharing by colleagues was caring.

📜 Read Is sharing caring? – #OpenBlog19

by Neil Withnell

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Read Read Be Kind, Reclaim by bavatuesdays – Jim Groom (bavatuesdays – Jim Groom)

Meredith, Lauren, and I are gearing up for the OER19 conference in Galway in a couple of weeks, a trip we are all looking very much forward to. In fact, I have a post due quite soon for the OER19 blog, which will hopefully explain why Reclaim feels such a strong sense of kinship with the folks that run the OER conference.* Anyway, part of what we will be doing this year, unlike last, is actually sponsoring the conference as Reclaim Hosting as opposed to one of out satellite outfits like Reclaim Video or Reclaim Arcade. This is something I did not think we would ever do, but again that is fodder for the other posts I still need to write … dammit!

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Read Read Democratic-erosion.com: an Open Pedagogy network (Gardner Writes – Gardner Campbell)

Toward the end of Open Learning ’18, I spotted an article in the Washington Post about a “nationwide college course” about the way democracies decay or erode over time. The Brown …

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Read Read #OpenBlog19: The library of the future is… by Maren Deepwell (Maren Deepwell)

The library of the future is a place where you can find what you are looking for. A place in which to discover the unexpected. A refuge in which you can retreat from the world and find peace and quiet and contemplation. The library of the future is somewhere you can loose hours, days or whole years to following the red thread of inspiration.

The library of the future is free and open to all.