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“So, today we launched the EDTL #IUADigEd project website. Thanks to @VishGain for all your help. Get a preview of our first newsletter, and sign up for the #IUADigEd community. @IUA_Academic”

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“This Friday is the last new episode of Gettin’ Air of 2019!

Hear Kate Molloy @hey_km get some air time Friday morning on @voicEdcanada!

@CELTNUIGalway #IUADigEd #DigPed @VConnecting”

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“#IUAdigEd Engineers don’t typically get opportunity and practice in writing reports – this project addresses a real need.”

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“#OOFHEC2019 Very interesting to learn about e-slp European Short Learning Programmes for cpd. Some overlaps with #IUADigEd aims and approach. Hope to hear more at #WCOL2019.”

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“It was a busy start to the week with @ABC_LD workshops for staff. We had some great discussion around digital teaching and learning, and improving the student experience. #IUADigEd”

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“Here with @suzielearning kicking off our first #IUADigEd workshop with colleagues from @DCUPsychology”

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“Technology in the past, technology it in the present and technology in the future…this was the topic insightfully addressed by @sharonlflynn in our latest ezine. From the early 90s through to the 2019 #IUADigEd project with @IUAofficial #NFengage

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It’s been a positive challenge to study my Open University H880 module this year, at times very challenging when work has been especially busy. However, juggling and sometimes struggling have led to exciting and energising outcomes in recent weeks. We were asked to read the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and consider the connections between them and our course. Contextualising my learning, and then my work, in terms of the SDGs has given me a new focus. Academic development has the purpose of enhancing learning and teaching in higher education. SD Goal 4 is Quality Education: to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. This refers to all levels of education, and to learning across our lives. Access to technology is addressed as part of gender equality in Goal 5. Our work as teachers/educators, academic developers, educational technologists, and indeed open practitioners, links directly with the SDGs. We seek to improve the educational experiences of all students, and help our institutions to achieve their access and retention missions. This has been valuable in helping kick-start work ahead of the new academic year, but has also started me thinking again about how we frame academic development in relation to open education.

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Normally I wouldn’t cover stock market news, not even when a leading Online Program Management (OPM) company’s stock drops 65% in one day. But this followed a frank assessment of the OPM market, and that is worth covering. ” Online program management is a difficult business to be in. Online education is increasingly competitive, student acquisition and marketing costs are going up, and the regulatory landscape is becoming more complex… attracting large numbers of students to a particular online program is more challenging and more expensive than it was just a few years ago.” Those who watch the technology space in general will recognize this as a familiar pattern – when you tie yourself to a platform, whether it’s Facebook or the university system, your fortunes are tied to that platform, and that platform will eventually turn on you.

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Tony Bates weighs in with a longish and well-thought-out post on the potential future of public education through the vehicle of a news report on education in the future province (?) of Cascadia: ” Forget content delivery. Almost all the content we need to teach is already out there on the Internet, either as open educational resources or freely available through the Internet… we had to focus on the hard stuff, and that is high-level skills development that requires a skilled person – an instructor, although I prefer the term ‘counsellor’ – to help with the learning and training.”

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