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Read Co-Teaching in a Large Class by Better LecturersBetter Lecturers (Better Lecturers)

Large class size and plenary type lectures have been features of teaching and learning in higher education for many decades. However, the phenomenon of massification, a term used to describe the rapid increase in enrolment of students on many university programmes in recent decades (Hornsby & Osman, 2014) has placed the issue of class size firmly in the spotlight. This phenomenon can be partly explained by the imperative to increase access to and participation in tertiary education thus moving higher education from being considered an elite model to one of universal participation (Kerr, 2011). However, that change has occurred in the context of other demands (Kerr) including funding crises and reduction in the number of full-time faculty per full-time equivalent student.

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“Enhancing digital capacity on a national scale: Very exciting project being led by @sharonlflynn https://t.co/XFSYrWRZH6 with the support of @MMFitzp at @CTLUL”

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