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“Thanks for all the interest in my and @suzielearning presentation at @QQI_connect #modelsofsuccess about the @DCU #IUADigEd pilot project.

Our slides are available here:”

Well done @lowneyrob & @suzielearning 👏 Great job flying the flag for the #IUADigEd project. Excellent insight into your professional development programme for enhancing digital competence among participating staff

📑 Innovating Pedagogy Report 2020

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Cover of Innovating Pedagogy report
Sorry I’m a bit late with this, I’ve been writing (more on that in the next post).
The annual Innovating Pedagogy report is out. As ever this is written by my colleagues in IET, in collaboration with another institution. This time it was the super smart gang a…

This year’s report by the Open University’s Institute of Education Technology (IET) saw them collaborate with some of the excellent people working at the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL) based in Dublin City University (DCU).

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“Very happy to announce that next week’s #IUADigEd webinar ABC Learning Design Swap Shop will be hosted in partnership with @TEU_DCU and featuring @Clare_Gormley @suzielearning @daveymoloney and @hey_km. Register here: @IUA_Academic @IUAofficial”

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“Delighted to present today at #WCOL2019 with @Cybersull ‘Getting started online: a case study in online academic development’, join us in Liffey meeting room 3a/b at 3:30pm”

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“Here with @suzielearning kicking off our first #IUADigEd workshop with colleagues from @DCUPsychology”

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Liked Does an increase flexibility of our courses result in reduced accessibility? by Posted by Mark Glynn (Technology Enhanced Learning)

In the last 20 years there has been a nearly six fold increase with students in higher education declaring disabilities, equating to over 14000 students in 2019. It is also worth noting that this n…

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“We’re all in the office this morning still buzzing about a fantastic #DCUTEU Teaching & Learning Day yesterday! So many insights gleaned from creative practices across @DublinCityUni cc @glynnmark @suzielearning @Karen_Buckley_ @dubdonaldson @Clare_Gormley @FionaORiordan”

👏 This is brilliant Rob, looks like it was a great event

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“🔖New SELFIE Style Digi-HE Project:”

Interested in how #Digi-HE project develops & looking forward to informative @NIDL_DCU #blogpost series. Plenty of alignment with #IUADigED

🔖New SELFIE Style Digi-HE Project

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Over the past three-months our NIDL team has been successful in partnership with several other European universities and professional organisations in securing a number of new externally funded research and development projects. These new projects explore some interesting areas of innovation in digi…

Interested in how #Digi-HE project develops & looking forward to informative @NIDL_DCU #blogpost series. Plenty of alignment with #IUADigED