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image: Sheila MacNeill Another year, another successful ALT-C.  Last week 471 congregated at the magnificent McEwen Hall at the University of Edinburgh for our annual conference. With all the …

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Read Read by Tony Bates (tonybates.ca)

What is the purpose of online learning?

Online learning has been hitting the headlines recently:
– the Ontario government requiring every high school student to take four online courses out of the 30 high school credits required for an Ontario high school diploma;
– claims that online learning is not appropriate for low income and under-represented minorities
– Kevin Carey’s rant about OPMs and the creeping capitalist takeover of (American) higher education

I have found myself being asked by the media to comment on all these, but underlying each of my responses has been my considerable unease about the gap between some of the claims and the reality on the ground, and above all not knowing the possible motives behind some of the developments we have been seeing. Each of these developments raises questions about the perceived purpose of online or digital learning.

I examine this through three blog posts:
– mandatory online courses in Ontario high schools: good or bad strategy?
– can online learning dramatically reduce the costs of higher education and reduce inequalities in the system?
– beyond access: rethinking the purpose of online learning

📜 Read “Rethinking the purpose of online learning: 1. Ontario’s k-12 initiative”

by Tony Bates

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Read Read “OER19: tears, laughter and hope” by clareEdTechBlogclareEdTechBlog (My Educational Technology Labyrinth – Clare Thomson)

OER was the one conference over the years that was always on my ‘must go’ list but I never felt that I had a legitimate reason. I wasn’t formally involved in open education, either for research or teaching and learning. Yet, by default, I am an open practitioner, I instinctively share and ensure that as much as possible of what I do within a closed professional setting, is published and licensed with CC BY. This is entirely my choice, one taken from a position of ‘better to ask for forgiveness than permission’. Colleagues have commented on it as something that is quirky and very Clare. Attending a conference with an entire programme dedicated to open was therefore a delight and hearing that others have the same experiences and thoughts even better.

📜 Read “OER19: tears, laughter and hope” blogpost

by Clare Thomson

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“So, rather belatedly, a post following @neilwithnell’s #OpenBlog19 challenge to write something on ‘The most valuable lesson I ever learned’. I hope you can find a little time to read it… https://t.co/2SxGMuQF9Y”

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“Read the latest #oer19 post: OER19: Moving beyond by Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin and Laura Czerniewicz @Czernie https://t.co/k24X1Dlksy”

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Read Read “OER19: Moving beyond” by Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz by Maren DeepwellMaren Deepwell (OER19)

The days are ticking by and it is nearly time for OER19! We are immensely excited as we prepare to welcome you to the 10th annual OER Conference — whether you are travelling to Galway or participating virtually.

The theme for OER19 is ‘Recentering Open: Critical and Global Perspectives’. It has been our hope that this theme will invite not only critical and global perspectives, but also multiple interpretations — of open iself, of the concept of recentering, of the meaning of critical, and indeed of the point-of-view of many of the questions ‘we’ ask about open.

📜 Read “OER19: Moving beyond”

by Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz

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Great post Gabi, thank you 👏

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✍New #blogpost about the European e-VALUATE project https://daveymoloney.com/blog/e-valuate-project/

Attending the work conference tomorrow w/ @AngLaude1 in 📍The Hague. #recognition of #open #onlinelearning in #highered

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