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Liked TWP and Information Literacy: An Action Plan (Desert of My Real Life)

I’m in the middle of planning my section of Tackling a Wicked Problem for the Fall 2019 semester. One of the most important aspects of the class is that students learn about information liter…

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Bookmarked 2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum (European Universities Association – EUA)

The European Learning & Teaching Forum provides a platform for vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, programme directors, academic staff and researchers interested in learning and teaching. The Forum also welcomes the participation of students, policy-makers and other stakeholders in higher education.

University education has changed significantly in recent decades, and continues to do so, as the expectations of students, stakeholders and society towards universities evolve. This process is further influenced by universities’ diverse historical, disciplinary and regional backgrounds. The 2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum entitled ‘Balancing tradition and change’ explores how institutions balance tried and trusted practices and innovative approaches to learning and teaching in a dynamic and increasingly digital and international environment.
Through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, the Forum provides a platform for discussion on how universities enhance learning and teaching, while also presenting the work of the 2019 EUA Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups. The Forum is an ideal event for vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, and management involved in learning and teaching. It also welcomes students, policy-makers and other stakeholders in higher education.
For updates, look out for #EUALearnTeach on Twitter and/or join the LinkedIn group ‘Learning & Teaching in European Higher Education’.

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Liked A Reckoning for 2U, and OPMs? by Stephen DownesStephen Downes (Stephen’s Web)

Normally I wouldn’t cover stock market news, not even when a leading Online Program Management (OPM) company’s stock drops 65% in one day. But this followed a frank assessment of the OPM market, and that is worth covering. ” Online program management is a difficult business to be in. Online education is increasingly competitive, student acquisition and marketing costs are going up, and the regulatory landscape is becoming more complex… attracting large numbers of students to a particular online program is more challenging and more expensive than it was just a few years ago.” Those who watch the technology space in general will recognize this as a familiar pattern – when you tie yourself to a platform, whether it’s Facebook or the university system, your fortunes are tied to that platform, and that platform will eventually turn on you.

Direct link: https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2019/08/01/bad-day-2u-highlights-vulnerability-online-program-management

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Liked Some thoughts on the future of public higher education by Stephen DownesStephen Downes (Stephen’s Web)

Tony Bates weighs in with a longish and well-thought-out post on the potential future of public education through the vehicle of a news report on education in the future province (?) of Cascadia: ” Forget content delivery. Almost all the content we need to teach is already out there on the Internet, either as open educational resources or freely available through the Internet… we had to focus on the hard stuff, and that is high-level skills development that requires a skilled person – an instructor, although I prefer the term ‘counsellor’ – to help with the learning and training.”

Direct Link: https://www.tonybates.ca/2019/07/28/some-thoughts-on-the-future-of-public-higher-education/

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Liked How to shrink a university and how to talk about it: one campus begins the process by Stephen DownesStephen Downes (Stephen’s Web)

Bryan Alexander discusses the strategies being pursued by universities in the face of fiscal pressure: “Quality over quantity, right-sizing (from corporate America): key words for describing this strategy.” But there’s a disturbing aspect to this: “Will those be students from wealthier families?” The thing is, the more universities serve a small wealthy elite, the less there will be broad support for public funding. We already see this with complaints that student grants and loan forgiveness only benefit the rich. A lack of public support pushes them to contract even more. It’s a downward spiral universities can correct only if they find a way to serve the wider public. Of course, my scepticism is such that I don’t think many of them really have an interest in doing that.
Direct link: https://bryanalexander.org/horizon-scanning/how-to-shrink-a-university-and-how-to-talk-about-it-one-campus-begins-the-process/

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Liked The best place to be is somewhere else? by Doug BelshawDoug Belshaw (Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel)

An article about FOMO, with some practical advice.

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📸 View of Croke Park Stadium from Upper Hogan Stand. Limerick v Kilkenny, All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final, Saturday, July 27 2019.

The 2018 All-Ireland Champions Limerick lose out on a place in this years All-Ireland Final by a single point to Kilkenny, on a scoreline of 1-21 (24) to 2-17 (23).

Limerick will feel that they left themselves with too much of a mountain to climb early on in this game. They trailed Kilkenny 1-08 to 0-02 after 17 minutes and gallantly fought back only to be denied at the final whistle by a point. The players will feel they played within their capabilities.

The group of players and management have done themselves and everyone in Limerick proud and I’ve no doubt that they will regroup, refocus and return a revitalised team for Championship 2020 💚

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Liked Dr Sharon Flynn on Twitter (Twitter)

“Definitely one for #IUADigED https://t.co/EQxuVj1QKB”

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Liked Together v3 by Grant RichmondGrant Richmond (grant.codes)

Over the last few months I have been completely rebuilding my social reader Together. So I felt I should write a post about it to highlight what’s changed and show off what Together has to offer.

First off just a little info on the idea of a social reader: A social reader is an application that can be used to read and interact with content from all around the web, not just one walled garden.

In the world of the #indieweb that means following other websites and owning all your own content on your own website.

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Liked Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning #IUADigEd by Sharon FlynnSharon Flynn (Sharon Flynn on Medium)

Dear friends and colleagues, I started in my new role in the Irish Universities Association (IUA) on 7th May, as Project Manager of the HEA-funded project called Enhancing Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning in Irish Universities. It has been an exciting and exhilarating first 10 weeks (I also took 2 weeks holiday) and I feel like I’ve come a long way. Now it’s time that I shared with you a little of what my project is about and what I’ve been thinking about.

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Read Education 4.0: move fast and think radically by JISC JISC (Jisc)

Staffordshire University’s 2030 strategy aims to make it the UK’s leading digital university. It’s an ambitious goal and to achieve it the university is working on a large culture change project that has staff and student digital capabilities at its core. The aim is to make sure people are equipped with the skills they’ll need to make the most of all that Education 4.0 has to offer.

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Read Going Critical by Kevin SimlerKevin Simler (meltingasphalt.com)
If you’ve spent any time thinking about complex systems, you surely understand the importance of networks.
Networks rule our world. From the chemical reaction pathways inside a cell, to the web of relationships in an ecosystem, to the trade and political networks that shape the course of history.
Or consider this very post you’re reading. You probably found it on a social network, downloaded it from a computer network, and are currently deciphering it with your neural network.
But as much as I’ve thought about networks over the years, I didn’t appreciate (until very recently) the importance of simple diffusion.
This is our topic for today: the way things move and spread, somewhat chaotically, across a network. Some examples to whet the appetite:
  • Infectious diseases jumping from host to host within a population
  • Memes spreading across a follower graph on social media
  • A wildfire breaking out across a landscape
  • Ideas and practices diffusing through a culture
  • Neutrons cascading through a hunk of enriched uranium