As much as possible I’m trying to follow the principles of the growing IndieWeb movement as the guiding philosophy for my site. On the IndieWeb Wiki you’ll encounter some really helpful people whose sites you can visit to get a much stronger sense of the IndieWeb and how it operates.

My decision to setup my site in this way has been inspired by the website philosophy & structure developed by Chris Aldrich. Ownership of my own data is important to me so I publish predominantly on my own site as my primary hub for online presence and communication and syndicate elsewhere to other relevant channels and platforms – POSSE, Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

If the social network platforms we currently use – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – were suddenly to go down or disappear in the morning (exhibit a & b), my intention would be to have my own record of what I’ve posted to those platforms right here on my site. If you see posts from me on other channels the likelihood is that the post has originated from here and that I’ve syndicated a copy of the post to that other channel.

Site Structure


I use this space for traditional longer posts such as articles I publish, out-loud thoughts I have, MOOCs or other continuous learning opportunities I participate in. To access longer form blog posts use the Articles Only menu item from the main menu – this will filter out all of the other Microblog Status posts.

Microblog Statuses

My microblog is essentially a stream of my socially and professionally related statuses and thoughts – a record of what happened and when for my own posterity. All the better if ever it proves useful to anyone else reading it. It will likely be a mixture of personal and professional and it’s possible to filter my posts by kind from the main menu as well.

Inspired by the words of Ian O’Byrne, here is where you’ll find a trail of my digital breadcrumbs as I consume, curate, and create. It’s where I post things like status updates (notes), comment replies I make on other peoples posts, shorter posts – possibly about things I may one day turn into blog posts, images, what I’m reading, songs I’m listening to, etc.

Depending on the kinds of things I’m posting about on my microblog, I may decide to syndicate copies out to other digital arena’s (Twitter, Mastodon,, etc.). I’ve setup an account over on and some of what I post to my Microblog Statuses timeline here is automatically syndicated to my timeline over there too.

I use the Post Kinds plugin developed by David Shanske to specify the kinds of posts I can add to my microblog.

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