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“After @MaynoothUni last week, wrapped up another meeting with @UL @UL_StudentLife on the student perspective to digital teaching & learning via #IUADigEd. More funding and lower fees aside, we also need digitally competent academics to make learning more efficient and accessible.”

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“UL Library is going to be a hive of activity with these workshops running for the first few weeks of semester 2 We hope people like what we’re offering and that it chimes with what they asked for in @INDExSurvey @daveymoloney @sharonlflynn #Take1Step”

Fantastic opportunities for students @UL to enhance their #digitalskills and competences being offered by colleagues @ULLibrary 👨‍💻👩‍💻Very much chimes with aims of #IUADigEd and what our students sought in the #INDExSurvey
Eyes peeled for the full schedule 👀

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“.@Nuffic 🇳🇱 released 2 new publications on recognition of #eLearning following the outcomes of the e-VALUATE project:
1⃣ Practioner’s Guide for the recognition of e-learning.
2⃣ Academic recognition of e-learning.
Find them here: #EHEA #OnlineLearning”

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The Social Media Alternatives Project (S-MAP) is comprised of two parts. First, there is a blog exploring developments in alternative social media. That is, sites that are built due to criticisms of mainstream social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Notable examples of these sites include Diaspora, Quitter, and Lorea. The blog will discuss these sites and detail research on them.

Second, the S-MAP will house an archive of screenshots and data about alternative social media. This is meant to be a resource for scholars who are studying these alternatives, as well as for those who want to build their own alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The OLM Mixer

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"Teaching, like composing music, is as much art as science. There are many elements to balance and discord occurs if any one of the elements is in the wrong relationship to another. Technology has introduced a range of new possibilities to the teaching space but in doing so it introduces further opportunities for potential dissonance. There is no magic formula for creating fabulous music, or fabulous learning experiences, but there are principles that we know will work and combinations of elements that form pleasing patterns which we can repeat."

📑 Innovating Pedagogy Report 2020

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Cover of Innovating Pedagogy report
Sorry I’m a bit late with this, I’ve been writing (more on that in the next post).
The annual Innovating Pedagogy report is out. As ever this is written by my colleagues in IET, in collaboration with another institution. This time it was the super smart gang a…

This year’s report by the Open University’s Institute of Education Technology (IET) saw them collaborate with some of the excellent people working at the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL) based in Dublin City University (DCU).

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As of our last all hands meeting we have moved our company to using NextCloud on a server in a German data center. This is the second major step in improving on our information hygiene in the company, after adopting RocketChat and leaving Slack.
I had created the cloud already last May, but we had n…