Welcome to my site.

I try to follow IndieWeb principles as much as possible on my site and use it as my central online presence and means of communication across the web. Take a look at how my website works (always a work in progress).

What I do

I work as Project Lead for the Irish Universities Association Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning project at the University of Limerick, Ireland. I’m based locally within the University’s Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL – formerly Centre for Teaching & Learning).

My main interests lie in enhancing digital skills and competences of faculty, staff and students, open and online learning, educational technology, instructional and learning experience design, the IndieWeb, web decentralisation, technology in general, and all associated literacies and competencies.

Of course, any opinions I express on my site are personal and not intended to reflect the view of any employer.


Selection of digital badges I’ve earned

digital badge facilitator-getting-started-with-online-teaching

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