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Read Thinking in the open about Microsoft Teams by Lawrie PhippsLawrie Phipps (lawrie : converged)

I was at one of the Microsoft Teams education road shows on Thursday (11th July) at their Paddington offices. There is clearly a lot of thinking to be done in this space but I wanted to put down some initial thoughts about what I observed, not just in terms of the presentations I saw, but in terms of the people who were there, their reactions and comments. In terms of who was in the room, it was a mix of IT, teaching, and e-learning staff. I think it is also fair to say the audience was mixed in terms of MS Teams “evangelists”, sceptics, and people there who were trying to get a handle on what they need to do to support teachers and teaching in light of their institutional strategy, and who were looking at Teams as a potential part of that picture.

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