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Read Digital experience insights survey 2018: findings from the pilot of teaching staff in UK further and higher education by JISC JISC (JISC)

This report complements our recent student insights report: Digital experience survey 2018: insights from students in UK further and higher education. It is the first foray into uncovering how teaching staff in colleges and universities really experience their digital environment and although this is a pilot study with a small sample of institutions we think the voices of these teachers deserve to be heard.

The skills needed in the 21st century workforce will be driven by Industry 4.0 with the next industrial revolution fuelled by data and machine learning. In addition to meeting student and staff expectations, education leaders need to be confident that their digital environments can accommodate these technological advances.

Jisc believes that Industry 4.0 cannot truly succeed without a corresponding Education 4.01. Our role is to help colleges and universities make the most of the potential of new and emerging technologies. Our digital experience insights surveys help colleges and universities to see their digital environments through the eyes of their learning communities. They provide unique datasets that inform and support initiatives to enhance quality.

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